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“For the last six years, Drive Financial has been an instrumental business partner with Mac Haik Ford Lincoln Mercury in Georgetown Texas. While we aggressively pursue the sub-prime market, our success would have not flourished without them.

While watching Drive Financial grow as one of our premier business partners, we attribute a lot of that success to our Drive Area Sales Manager, Elizabeth McDowell, and our Drive Credit Analyst, Eddie Williams. They both work with us daily to understand Drive’s broad range of programs and any changes that might affect our business.

Our typical funding turn around with Drive is one day. That success comes from our Funding Administrator Gloria Thomason’s understanding of Drive’s program. We strive to keep our contracts in transit at one day. To ensure this happens, Drive has done an outstanding job of working with us to help fund our deals in a prompt manner.

We look forward to our future relationship with Drive and the continued support of their supportive and professional team.”


Mac Haik Ford Lincoln Mercury, Georgetown, Texas


“The reason why I love Drive Financial is that they are the only true lender that I can count on in any economy to make a living. They will go the extra mile when possible to help you with fees, terms and customers with special circumstances. They will help you put the customer on the right car that’s not restricted. I have been very fortunate to gross between $4,000 to $4,500 on a Drive deal. And most of all, I love my Area Sales Manager. She helps me to get deals funded expeditiously.”


Serra Nissan/VW, Birmingham, Alabama


“We just helped a recently married couple with a newborn baby and no transportation purchase a great family vehicle. The approval process took only minutes from the time they filled out their application here at Mike Calvert Toyota. Thanks, Drive, for helping us sell another one!”


Mike Calvert Toyota, Houston, Texas


“Drive Financial makes it simple and easy to obtain financing, and help get our customers down the road to financial prosperity. Our Drive buyer and Area Sales Manager make our jobs a whole lot easier with their quick processing and assistance.”


R&M Auto Group, Houston, Texas

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