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The Mastria Dealer Group would like to thank Drive Financial for the financing they offer to our credit-challenged customers — especially in today’s economy. They have an incredible variety of options no other bank offers, which helps my dealership group deliver on average an additional eight to 10 units per month.

Our area sales manager, Michael Washburn, is always there for my dealership group when issues arise. He helps resolve them quickly and move on to new business. I find I use my area sales manager more often with Drive because he’s only a phone call away and always gets back to me within the hour.

It’s a great comfort to have a resource like that. Mastria Auto Group looks forward to future business with Drive – especially with our Nissan store and Drive’s incredible program [flat-fee, new-car program for imports] they have on all new Nissans. If you’re a Nissan store, you NEED Drive’s programs. I can promise you will deliver more units with [the new] program for Nissans, as well as new Hondas and Toyotas.

Mastria Auto Group, Raynham, Massachusetts

I have found Drive to be a dependable lender. They enable us to sell more cars and give us more options for customers. Today’s greatest special finance challenge is the lack of lenders. Quite simply, Drive helps me overcome this challenge because they are still buying and funding.

When using Drive as a lender, communication is key! Always ask questions. In my case, my area sales manager is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She is always around when I need her. My buyer is also key. He is always willing to work with me and help me understand how a deal may work.

I have to say that the City World Group is more willing to do deals with Drive due to the great relationship we have with ourarea sales manager. We know she will always keep us apprised of new programs and deals in funding. When we have hard issues, she does a good job of explaining Drive’s point of view and lending policies.

Is Drive a partner that helps our business succeed? Absolutely! I have been with the City World group for seven years, and now that I have moved to Toyota, we have started doing more Drive deals and I am showing them that we can sell more cars and give the customer more options with Drive.

City World Toyota, Bronx, New York

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