Growth Goals Give Dealers More Opportunity and Channels to Sell More Vehicles in 2011.

Matt Fitzgerald

Now that the markets have opened back up and the recession seems to be easing, acquisition activity has already slowed as lenders focus on growing originations. We are no different. After a period of rapid growth through acquisition, our resources are now fully integrated and we will focus on organically growing our business in 2011. Growth not only means adding to the dealer base and boosting originations, but increasing our ability to serve the deeper and more complex needs of today’s dealers. We have a full product suite to offer (Drive, Santander Auto Finance, RoadLoans and S-Guard) and we will leverage all these solutions to help dealers sell more cars.

We are particularly optimistic about our business and how that will benefit dealers this year. We have spent the last 18 months fine tuning the RoadLoans lead program and Preferred Dealer Network. Our lead quality has improved, and we saw a 200 percent increase in this business in 2010. A lot of dealers are showing interest in this program, and our sales and Web teams are excited to help connect them with customers. What are we doing to improve our service to you?

We still think that we can improve and streamline the funding process. One significant benefit from our acquisitions is the data we have acquired about our loan portfolios and our customers. We now have the ability to develop behavior scores based on applications, and then apply custom or “dynamic” stipulations. In other words, we will have the ability to only request the stips we truly need. We believe this will help dealers and, ultimately, speed up the funding process. We also want to continue to explore opportunities with independent dealers. After three years of recession, the independent dealers who are still in business are – for the most part – the strongest and most stable around. We will offer our finance program for the independent dealer that makes sense for both the dealer and for Santander. As we continue to refine and improve our service, we encourage your active participation. Please contact your sales representative to discuss your specific needs and expectations. We look forward to a mutually successful 2011.

Matt Fitzgerald
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Santander Consumer USA

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