Santander Is Now a Full-Spectrum Lender

Santander Auto Finance puts its “Full Spectrum” program into full swing. In this video, National Sales Director Vince Meglio talks about the benefits of financing with SAF.

Full Script Below:

Santander Consumer USA is now the place to send all of your applications. Hi. I am Vince Meglio, National Sales Direction for Santander Consumer USA. Santander Auto, the industry leader in sub- prime and near- prime finance, is now a full spectrum lender. From the highest credit score to your most credit challenge customers, SAF provides competitive market pricing and approvals on applications across all credit tiers. Simply send all your applications to our SAF Platform via DealerTrack or RouteOne and we’ll do the rest. As always, we are here to help you sell more cars. If you need anything, contact your area sales manager. And from all of us here at Santander, thanks for your business.

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