Ask the ASM-How the Rehash Tool Can Increase Profit


Ask the ASM Featuring Cynthia Gonzales

Hash over your deals and potentially increase profits with Santander Consumer USA’s rehash tool. Area Sales Manager Cynthia Gonzales shares details on enhancing your deals using the rehash tool on our dealer extranet.



 Full Script Below:
Cynthia Gonzales: One of the questions I get asked most often is: how can the rehash tool that Santander offers, increase the profitability of my car deal? I tell them if you can’t get your buyer on the phone, you can go into the rehash tool. You’ll be able to find the parameters of your loan, LTV, DTI, PTI. You’ll be able to change your collateral. You’ll be able to change the structure of your loan, update income if you need to. All of these things impact the profitability of your loan and you can get that right at the time you use the tool. That’s how you can increase profitability on your car deals by using the rehash tool.

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