Dealers need to get on electronic expressway

Dealers need to get on electronic expressway

When most people think about auto marketing and advertising, television and print media generally come to mind.
But the Internet has opened an expressway for consumers, and that means it has opened a new route from the automobile industry, including dealers.
“The recent Automotive Buyer Influence Study found that 70 percent of car buyers used the Web as a research tool before making their purchase,” writes columnist Ben Richardson in “Content Marketing” online at the website, Business 2 Community (B2C).
In his column, “Checklist for Smart Content Marketing in the Automotive Industry,” Richardson notes that those buyers whose shopping habits are reflected in the study spent nearly 20 hours online doing research. Then he wonders, “If Web users are spending that much time browsing the Internet for car-related information, wouldn’t you want the majority of that time to be spent with your content? If so, it’s time to start developing a content strategy!”
It’s a good question with a response that echoes decisions made in other industries.
The automotive industry’s content strategy should leverage online opportunities, including video, appropriate social media profiles (including Facebook and Twitter), creative blogging and informative guides for consumers, according to the columnist.
Here are excerpts from Richardson’s column:
Video – “Because the automotive industry is so visually driven, your content marketing strategy should also have a big visual focus. You may not have [a big] budget to create an advertisement, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative.”
Social Platforms – “Social media platforms are proving to be even more popular for the automotive industry than video. While the automotive industry isn’t making any sales to speak of from their social media presence, they are generating excitement and product interest.”
Blogging & Guides – “Great blogs and lengthy, informative guides can be really useful tools in your content marketing arsenal. … Your blog (and overall content strategy) should focus more on valuable, car-related information.” But don’t “speak like a corporation.”
The significance of Richardson’s advice is underscored by comments from more than a year ago on Search Engine Watch by Frank Watson, CEO of Kangamurra Media:
"For all vehicle buyers, the Internet is undoubtedly the most heavily used and the most influential channel. Today, 71 percent of consumers use the Internet while shopping for new and used vehicles, more than double the usage of any other information source. [And] the majority of buyers said the Internet was the most influential source leading to their purchase decision.”

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