Ask the ASM-Can I Control Fees When Financing a Subprime Customer?


Ask the ASM Featuring Stephanie Bradford

When talking with dealers about subprime customers, there is always the question about dealer financing fees. In this edition of “Ask The ASM,” Area Sales Manager Stephanie Bradford explores ways you can control subprime customer fees.


Full Script Below:

Hello. I’m Stephanie Bradford, Area Sales Manager for Santander Consumer USA.
One of the questions that I get from my dealers is “How can I control fees when financing a subprime customer.”
There are several different roads you could take when looking at controlling costs. It’s all in how you structure the deal. You could make sure the vehicle selection includes more modestly-priced cars…or work to keep payment-to-income and loan-to value percentages at a reasonable rate. But now that Santander Auto Finance has become a full-spectrum lender, you don’t have to focus only on the credit-challenged customer. We’re financing everything from prime to sub-prime, offering competitive rates and 0 acquisition fees. Send ALL of your applications to Santander and watch your business grow.
Anytime you need help restructuring your deals to control fees, “Ask Your ASM.”
We’re here to help you close the deal.

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