Santander offers flexibility with its financing


Dealers in the Virginia area tell how Santander gives you a way to go on almost every deal. With Santander, auto financing has flexibility and can create more sales for your dealership.

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Laura Hayden: My name is Laura Haden. I am a finance director at Pohanka Nissan Hyundai. A lot of customers come in here and they don’t have a hope. They say uh, you know we know. We’ve shopped around.We can’t get done. We can’t get financed. We have, of course the Drive Program with Santander Program. Um which is wide spectrum now, so there’s…there are many, many options that we can offer all of our customers. 
Josh Adams: Being just outside DC, we’re about an hour south of DC and we…we do have a lot of government workers running up and down the road every day. Um…it’s neat being so close to the nation’s capital. Being so close to Richmond, we do have quite a few commuters. We see them every day. Um…it’s a huge part of our market. What we find most attractive about the programs is unlike other lenders, give us a conventional yes-no answer. What they give us a yes or they give us a this is what we can do program. And we really benefit from that. Laura Hayden: I can say there’s probably been quite a few customers that we’ve been able to uh….put….put out vehicles that we didn’t think we were able to. Uh one just recently. She’d actually had just a couple charge-offs, needed transportation, had to have a vehicle. So uh… we were able to do that for her. It’s a good feeling.
Josh Adams: We use Drive to get her into a program. Uh lady was hysterical. Uh we got her into a Versa, which she runs up and down the road in. This lady brought a couple of her family members all the way down from New Jersey and uh…we…we did a similar type program on them and uh when you sell an entire family cars, you know you’ve done something good. 
Laura Hayden: We have a great bankrupt that we deal with, uh great relationship. Their buyers are great. Funding, very easy to deal with. 
Josh Adams: To dealers not using Santander or Drive right now, I say you’re, you’re missing out an avenue of missing deals. It’s just another avenue in, in the path that you can take to put potentially another customer into another car. 
Laura Hayden: You’re probably missing out on 10, 15 deals a month for sure. I’m just excited to see what they are going to do. I’m always clicking Santander. On uh just about every deal I get, I really think that if uh your dealership is not using Santander, that you’re missing out.


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