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It’s a new year. You’ve set your goals and want to get out of the blocks and sell, sell, sell! Well, Santander may have just what you need to begin this year on the right foot. Listen to several of our dealers tell how the Santander, Drive and RoadLoans programs are instrumental in helping them put deals together and sell more cars.

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Jason Dill: My name is Jason Dill. Uh I’ve been here at Lustine Chrysler Jeep Dodge for going on ten years now and I’m the General Sales Manager. Seven years ago when we were doing Drive Deals, there were customers that needed $2,500 down on cheap cars. Now we are financing people to drive in Santander on cars that are up to $40,000 dollars sometimes. 
David Kelly: It just generates more business for any dealer that uses them. They buy deeper uh… full spectrum lending, so you know you’re gonna get more deals bought and more cars delivered. 

Jason Dill: With the Chrysler Subvented Program , we’ve got people getting a 7,8 percent rates no fees on the loans. It’s really helping put deals together. 
David Kelly: So we use three programs here and we fund deals across all three every month, so it’s a nice addition. 
Carlos Miller: If you’re not using Santander, you’re missing at least 10 to 15 deals a month. Drive and Santander is the program that we really use to get it done. 
David Kelly: I have a deal on my desk right now. It’s gonna go through Santander and he came in just looking you know for someone to help him out
Jason Dill: Uh didn’t have much credit at all. Had a significant down payment and could only afford a small monthly payment. We actually submitted the deal to several different banks. We got an approval from Santander at a 6 or 7 percent rate because the equity down uh…on a customer that would normally be paying a rate around 20 percent and we’re able to get them to that payment they were looking for.
Carlos Miller: We’ve had them come in with bad mortgages, have left their house foreclosures and we tell them we still have a way to make it work for them and Santander has been there to get them back on their feet and get a car so they can get back and forth to work. 
Jason Dill: The dealers that aren’t using Santander or Drive are missing the boat. I mean there’s definitely… we’re doing 10 to 20 deals a month. We’re the number one Chrysler dealer in the Mid-Atlantic and it’s definitely helping us put some deals together to people we wouldn’t normally be selling cars to. 
Tony Dass: Drive does help you generate a lot of business and bottom line is they generally help you generate a lot of money too; income, at the end of the year. And if they’re not using it, they’re missing it. Well I’m glad they’re not using it because we are getting the business.

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