Financing Self-Employed Customers

Want to know whether Santander finances your self-employed applicants? Area Sales Manager Joe Magliocca shares the do’s, don’ts and documents needed to fund your self-employed customers.



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Hello I am Joe Magliocca, Area Sales Manager for Santander Consumer USA. One question I hear often is whether or not we finance self-employed or 1099 applicants and what stips are needed to fund these loans. At Santander, the funding process for these applicants can be quick and easy, but submitting the right information is key. Let’s start with proof of income. All self- employed and 1099 applicants must have three months or business or personal bank statements. Self-employed applicants must also include two years of professionally prepared tax returns to include their Schedule C’s. 1099 Employees must have a valid work number, so that a funding analyst can call to verify their employment status. Once all forms of information are verified, a funding analyst will calculate income and determine how much we can lend your customer. That’s it. It’s that simple. At Santander we want to help you close all of your deals and remember the next time you have questions, just ask your ASM. We’re here to help

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