Rare Dodge Challenger is available

Awesome and rare Dodge Challenger up for auction.Call it a rare find. Call it a newly discovered treasure. Call it an American icon. No matter what you call it, there’s no denying the fact that this 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A Coupe is special AND it’s available. That’s right, this marvel of machinery will be up for a Santander-sponsored auction next month, in Lane 6 at the Manheim Northstar Minnesota auction. This prestigious vehicle packs a 340 Six Pak engine 4-speed Hurst built exclusively by Chrysler for this model and only for 1970.

The car is a light green metallic color, and according to Mike Bruce, AVP of External Sales for Santander it “is the classic model that Dodge modeled the new Challenger after when they relaunched.”

The numbers are matching and to make it even better, it is one of only 2,399 that have ever been produced. This car is an absolute “barn find” and has not been registered since 1989.

“This thing is rare,” says Bruce. “In my 25 years in the business, this is the coolest car I’ve ever come across.” Bruce also commented on the possibility of finding a set of wheels such as this saying, “These kinds of vehicles don’t come around often. The fact that so few were made makes this car even more special.”

Santander is proud to put this historic car on the auction block and hopes that people appreciate seeing something so prestigious and unique. In today’s car market, you just don’t seem to find a vehicle like this that possibly jump started the trend on the modern-day sports car. Don’t pass up the opportunity to get your hands on a part of American automotive history when this 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A Coupe goes up for auction next month.

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