Santander Auto Finance at NADA 2014 in New Orleans

The National Automotive Dealers Associations (NADA) hosts an annual convention that brings out the best and brightest in the automotive industry. This year is sure to be no different as the convention and expo will be held in New Orleans, LA.

During the weekend of January 24-27, the Crescent City will be abuzz with every automotive insider from car salesperson to blogger. Attendees will be able to learn, shop and network with some of the leading retailers in the industry. It will be a full throttle weekend along the Mississippi, and representatives from Santander Auto Finance (SAF) will be in the midst of it all.

The theme of this year’s NADA convention is “accelerate your business.”

Workshops will include best practices for everyone from the dealer principals to service managers. Keynote speakers like Steve Forbes and former secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton, will share their insights on business. Industry leaders will host smaller workshops to lend their expertise, all with the intent of helping accelerate business for dealerships across the country.

Convention-goers will be supplied with tons of information to help them get ahead in the constant race that comprises car sales. Yet, the SAF team is taking a slightly different approach and slowing things down. The focus is on the details.

When dealers visit SAF booth 5253, they will be able to review customized reports specific to their performance with SCUSA. Over coffee and conversation, the SAF team hopes to provide feedback and share ideas that help drive more sales for our dealers in 2014. Management will be there to listen to dealer concerns and answer questions that may be lingering from a past deal.

The SAF team wants to do more than meet and greet our dealer partners. It’s about continuing to build relationships that help meet the diverse needs of each dealer.

If you’re in town, stop by the SAF booth number 5253. Let us spend a little time showing you the possibilities for the year to come.

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