Oscar-worthy customer service

customer serviceWho doesn’t want the red-carpet experience?

Everyone wants to be put into the spotlight, especially when they are spending their time and hard-earned money.

Your car-buying customers are no different. They want to feel like they are the stars of the show. And let’s face it, a salesperson’s knowledge of the product isn’t going to keep the customers coming back. They can get that on their smart phone. It’s a stellar customer service experience that could set your dealership apart.

“World-class customer service” should be every dealership’s goal, according to Auto Dealer Monthly, because it “builds value for the customer without costing you a dime extra.” Here are five ways suggested by the publication to create a world-class experience for your customers.

1. Look at your business from the customer’s perspective. Ask your friends, to visit your dealership and your competition. Get honest feedback from a customer’s perspective and don’t be offended. Once you find out what the flaws are, fix them.

2. Actively listen to everything that can help you see what the customer sees. When customers talk, you listen. Really listen to all verbal and non-verbal cues. Focus on what your customers are trying to tell you about your sales processes, staff and facility.

3. Don’t just sell cars; maximize the fun. A smile, enthusiasm, manners and “can do” attitude goes a long way with a customer, and you should expect every employee to offer that to everyone who visits your store.

4. Improve constantly. If you haven’t changed something in the last 48 hours, you’ve just fallen behind the competition. Start with the small things. If your office is ugly, redecorate it. If your staff treats customers like an interruption, correct them.

5. Make things easy on your customers. In general, buying a car can be a stressful experience. Find ways to make things as easy and painless as possible for customers.

In short, a happy customer is a repeat customer. Customer satisfaction leads to customer loyalty. And when you have a customer’s loyalty, you will reap the rewards of increased referrals, leads and customers for life.

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– LaQuenda Jackson

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