Santander Consumer USA is all business with redesigned Dealer Extranet

Automobile dealers who work with Santander Consumer USA Inc. already know the value of the Dealer Extranet – a useful tool for funding loans, managing applications, and working referrals.

But your feedback helped us understand that it could be improved as a dealer portal.

So that’s exactly what we did in the new version of the Dealer Extranet that we’ve just launched. It is loaded with improved features that will help dealers get more value for their businesses.

The redesign tailors the experience more toward how dealers will most often interact with the Extranet. It also introduces some new features that make doing business with us more transparent.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll find the following upgrades to the Extranet:

  • Updated Grid View—get all your app details and manage your CIT in one, easy-to-read display
  • Improved Smart/Search Filter—to help you find what you’re looking for faster
  • Improved System Performance and Response Time
  • Newly designed App Details Panel—organizes all the applicant and deal status information for you, allowing you to work the deal without having to navigate off the page to look up the applicant’s personal information or vehicle details at any time
  • New Dealer Quick Look Section—added to the Dashboard; for when you just need a snapshot of what your contracts in-house and app status’ look like
  • Improved Dealer Performance Summary—for when you want an overall view of your dealerships performance for a specified date range
  • New Blog Section—added to the Dashboard to pass along information from the SCUSA Dealer Blog.
  • Improved Date Picker—allows a wide date range to be selected
  • Pagination and extended display of apps
  • Addition of Customized Filters for all columns

Overall, we hope you will find the updated site extremely clean, easy to navigate and with data displays that are in an easy-to-read format.

Please use the Feedback tab in the Dealer Extranet to provide us your valued feedback, so we can continue to improve the site for you and other dealers.

– Mark Macesich


Dealer Quick Look and Performance Summary


Grid views to manage your CIT


Newly designed details pages


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