Tax season is over – now what for dealers?

tax seasonTax season is over, and you’re wondering how to keep the business rolling in. After the ink jets cool on printing tax refund checks, business at auto dealerships normally cools down too. The next few months usually are spent trying to figure out how to recreate the magic of tax season.

Well, it may be a matter of quality deals over the quantity of deals. The trick is to try and reach each deal’s maximum profit potential.

Santander Auto Finance offers several products and services that can give your dealership the push it needs to keep the tax season momentum going. Things you can incorporate into your post tax season regimen include:

  • Offering more backend products on deals
  • Using leads to boost incremental sales

Follow the Leads

Lead generators are a great way to sell a few incremental units each month. provides its dealer network with high quality shoppers that have a guaranteed source of financing. When shoppers arrive, they are financed and ready to purchase that new or used vehicle. RoadLoans also has working relationships with leading industry websites like, and, helping to improve the quality of your leads.

The tax season is over, but don’t fret. There are still ways build and maintain your business. Just look for the chance to build on your current programs that allow you to make more on your deals when times are slow.

– LaQuenda Jackson

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