Survey seeks to identify 2014 vehicle remarketing trends

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Auction buyers have a chance to help improve understanding of current automotive remarketing trends by participating in a survey presented online by Royal Media Inc. with support from Santander Consumer USA Inc. (SCUSA).

Survey results will help the companies provide the best possible support to buyers’ remarketing efforts.

Royal Media publishes GreenLight Remarketing magazine, while Santander is a leading auto lender with relationships that comprise nearly 14,000 dealerships in the United States.

“Santander Consumer USA invites you to participate in a survey of automobile auction buyers to help us fine tune our understanding of the remarketing marketplace and what you, our customers, want and need in auction services and inventory,” said Mitch O’Neil, assistant vice president of remarketing at Santander in an email to auction buyers.

The invitation was emailed to buyers by auctions such as ADESA, Manheim and Brasher’s.

The questionnaire, SCUSA Remarketing 2014 Buyer Survey, will be available to auction buyers June 27 through July 11, and responding should take only a couple minutes.

The survey includes questions such as:

  • How did your purchase volume per channel trend in the first quarter of 2014?
  • Which vehicle segment currently provides you with the best resale value?
  • Are you aware of the relationship between Santander and Chrysler Capital?
  • What is the most important information you need to see on an internet condition report?

Overall results of the remarketing buyer survey, featuring key trends, will be reported in GreenLight Remarketing, a publication for remarketing professionals, which will be available at the auctions or online at Inside Lane (formerly GreenLight to Drive).

GreenLight Remarketing, SCUSA and the auctions will share results of the survey.

The invitation to auction buyers to participate includes a link to the survey. Here is a survey link for auction buyers who wish to participate but might not have received an emailed invitation.

– Mark Macesich

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