Respect now top factor for women when shopping for a vehicle

respectRespect from a dealership and salesperson has become the most important factor to women when shopping for or buying a new vehicle.

That’s what said following analysis of the latest data compiled by the website.

“R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Aretha Franklin couldn’t define it better. Respect is now the No. 1 prerequisite to trust in the formula to selling to women,” wrote Anne Fleming, president and car buying advocate at Respectfulness of salespeople was cited by 54.08 percent of women surveyed.

Other important factors in the website’s analysis and their percentages were:

Trustworthiness, the former No. 1 factor, cited by 53.56 percent, followed by a salesperson’s likeability, 48.19 percent, knowledge, 46.03 percent, and understanding, 41.60 percent.

Where did vehicle price come into play? Sixth, according to the website’s survey.

“It means that having a personal, empathetic, real, approachable, open and friendly engagement is paramount,” according to the analysis. Only then – after passing the Emotional Quotient (EQ) test – will a woman entertain discussion of vehicle price with a salesperson.

Why is that so important to salespeople and the dealerships for which they work?

“Women are becoming the most powerful and largest segment of car buyers, presenting a plethora of opportunities for dealerships and salespersons to capture more sales,” reported Auto Remarketing online, which cited the “2014 U.S. Women’s Car Buying Report” by

Commenting on the latest website results in AR, a female salesperson wrote: “I have found the EQ test to be true. Many of my customers specifically ask for a female because they are looking for someone they can trust who will understand their needs and issues and guide them in the right direction.”

“Dealers who ‘get it’ know that the key distinction is having exceptional sales advisers who continually offer exceptional service,” wrote Fleming in a previous report in Auto Remarketing. “How women are treated by their sales adviser really matters. In fact, it’s the only thing that matters, initially. Very often, without respect, nothing else gets too close to a purchase.”

Results were compiled “from thousands of reviews on, [where] women customers are telling exactly what works for them when interacting with a sales agent,” Fleming wrote.

The process “begins as soon as women visitors walk into a dealership,” she wrote recently.

“How the sales professional treats shoppers matters greatly, as it has a huge impact on their buying decisions. Dealerships that consistently train their sales team to greet women buyers respectfully and pleasantly have higher chances of closing sales.”

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