Riding high: Dealer contests show SCUSA appreciation of its dealers


Most people don’t know how hard a car salesperson works.  It’s usually a six-day work week (at least), and most work 10-12 hour days.

In a previous Inside Lane blog, “Are you doing all you can to avoid sales department turnover,” we saw that the lack of competitive pay is one of several reasons why there is so much turnover in a dealership.

Needless to say, being a car salesperson can be demanding, and we at Santander Consumer USA (SCUSA) know it. So, we don’t mind sometimes rewarding our dealers who go above and beyond with contests and competitions.

SantanderSCUSA hosts both regional and national contests for its dealers.

Like any other contests, there are certain requirements that need to be met. Sometimes, it’s submitting more applications, or maybe the idea is to fund more deals.  Whatever the contest goal, SCUSA gives its dealers the opportunity to be recognized for working with us.

Past winners have received trips to the wine country in Napa Valley, California (above left), or spent a day at the races with a trip to the Kentucky Derby (below left). Many other lenders offer incentives and some even offer prizes, but Santander Consumer USA wants to set itself apart and take dealer appreciation to the next level.

Santander“It’s our goal to give our winning dealers a bucket-list experience,” says Leslie Coots, SCUSA dealer events coordinator. “We want to provide our dealers with a first-class, over-the-top experience that they won’t forget.”

SCUSA offers an average of 10 different contests per year. Dealers are invited to participate by their Area Sales Managers and given the rules of engagement.

Each week during the contest period, contestants get a chance to see their rankings and what the spoils will be if they win. Contests usually run three months, giving dealers the time they need to work their deals. Once the winners are announced, they are treated to what Coots hopes is a unique experience.

“Even if it’s a place the dealer has visited before, we want to offer excursions or adventures that are out of the norm, giving everyone a meaningful experience and allowing us to build lasting relationships with our dealers,” explains Coots.

The next contest, which will run nationwide, is scheduled to start in October. Winners will receive a trip to Pebble Beach. Stay tuned for more on how you can get in on the action and win a spot on the 18th hole.

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