Sunday service an answer to auto dealers’ prayers?

Sunday serviceWhen most people talk about Sunday service, very rarely are they referring to a trip to the service center of their favorite dealership. According to an article in Automotive News, a few dealerships across the country have seen the light and are opening their doors for additional weekend business.

Vista BMW Pompano started Sunday service center hours about 18 months ago in its suburban Miami store. According to Assistant Store Manager Frank De Varona, the new option is an answered prayer for some of his customers.

“Many customers prefer the convenience of dropping off their cars on a Sunday for an oil change or other light maintenance,” Frank De Varona, assistant store manager at Vista BMW Pompano, said in the Automotive News article.

“In the event they have a battery or a tire that needs to be replaced, we are here to do it, and they don’t have to wait until Monday.”

Common practice among these stores is to offer just the basics, saving major repairs for regular business hours, Monday through Friday.  Customers also are asked to make appointments due to the shortened hours, usually between 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.

While Vista BMW is reaping the benefits of the added business, dealerships offering Sunday service are still few and far between, according to Automotive News.

In 2012, the last time this was reported, The National Automobile Dealers Association said that only 7 percent of the nation’s new car dealers opened their service centers on Sunday. More than half of those dealerships are considered high-volume stores, moving more than 1900 units a year.

The majority of dealerships setting the trend are in the Atlantic Coast region.

Despite the fact that Sunday service center hours haven’t reached biblical proportions, Vista BMW says they have drummed up a faithful following.

“It is really starting to catch on, going pretty good,” De Varona told Automotive News. “This is something we’ll stick with. The business is there.”

So if you’re dealership is looking for ways build a loyal congregation of customers, you may not want to rest on the Seventh Day. Instead, grant your customers a little grace and provide services on Sunday.

Can we get an amen?

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