Auction Academy provides unique auto remarketing experience

auction academyThe world of auto auctions, much like that of car dealerships, is a hotbed of competition. And that’s not likely to change.

But over the past few years, the auction industry has experienced a watershed moment, especially among the independently owned businesses that now face unprecedented competition from larger corporations.

As owners of the independents have gotten older, an entire generation of auction operators is starting to step back and is taking on less day-to-day work. Some owners are even ready to pass the mantle to the next generation.

Enter Auction Academy, based in Franklin, TN.

Here, the younger generation can learn the business firsthand from top experts in the field, and learn the challenges colleagues from other parts of the country are facing – and perhaps solving – as well.

An education at Auction Academy doesn’t come cheap, but the experience it offers can’t be obtained anywhere else.

Students sign on for eight sessions over the course of two years. Each session takes the students to a different city for a few days to learn how auctions are run there, as well as get exposure to ancillary industries such auction insurance companies.

The most valuable aspect of the academy may the way it develops camaraderie in an intensely competitive space.

Auction Academy President Richard Curtis says of his students:

“Take them out of an insular market and throw them in with their peers or people like them, and you start to see the exchanges of ideas, real bonding, and networking.”

The inaugural academy class is about to graduate, while the second and third classes continue to meet.

For more on this story, see Greenlight Remarketing magazine, available at some auctions, or the online PDF at the Inside Lane blog. And for more information on the academy visit its website.

– Cody Lyon

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