J.D. Power survey provides insight about what car shoppers are thinking

020415 IL JD Power Survey Provides InsightWhat do car shoppers want?

The answers aren’t always easy to find for auto dealerships.

But J.D. Power provides some insight in a study just released that highlights – or should we say lowlights – the things 30,000 new-vehicle owners said they DON’T want, that is, why they avoid certain models.

“Exterior look/design is the top reason shoppers [30 percent] avoid a particular vehicle,” according to J.D. Power market research company in a summary of its 2015 U.S. Avoider Study.

Other top reasons vehicle shoppers at dealerships rejected certain vehicles include cost and interior look/design at 17 percent each and models lacking the latest technological features at  15 percent. Fuel economy was cited by only nine percent of shoppers as a reason for avoiding a purchase.

So, if a car isn’t good looking – outside and inside – and available with a good price and new technology, a significant percentage of shoppers will avoid purchasing it, moving on to something prettier. Fortunately for dealers, the automakers also recognize these demands.

(Indeed, a salesperson at a Dallas, TX, dealership said his company dramatically improved the technology in redesigning one model for 2015 specifically because consumers said they wanted it.)

Does all of this mean shoppers’ fuel mileage concerns have disappeared with lower gas prices?

“Consumers know that, although gas prices are low today, the cost of fuel will likely increase during the time they own their vehicle,” commented Arianne Walker of J.D. Power. “Clearly, consumers are considering the total cost of ownership when selecting their new vehicle.”

Indeed, as of last year, fuel mileage still was cited as the most influential reason that new-car owners actually selected the vehicle they ultimately purchased, J.D. Power said. “It’s an especially influential factor among buyers of compact, small and midsize cars and compact MPVs.”

And where total cost of ownership is concerned, shoppers can easily find that on websites such as KBB.com (Kelley Blue Book) and Edmunds.com, so transparency probably plays to a dealer’s advantage.

The 2015 Avoider Study – fielded between July and September 2014 – reports responses from nearly 30,000 owners who registered a new vehicle last April and May. Now in its 12th year, the study looks at reasons consumers purchase, reject or do not consider certain models when shopping for a new vehicle.

Next week, look for our two-part miniseries “Why car-buying experience pushes customers over the edge at many dealerships” and “What auto dealerships will need to do to keep customers coming back.”

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