When you have questions, Santander Consumer USA has answers

Santander Consumer USA is ready to do business with you.

But we expect that you, like any good business owner or manager, may have several important questions about SCUSA funding programs before you jump in with both feet.

We’ll always do our best to answer your questions, providing you the information you need.

050615 IL When you have questions, Santander Consumer USA has answers (1)But based on our years of experience in auto lending – we’ve been in business since 1995 – here are some of the most frequently asked questions about SCUSA funding programs:

Q. What financing options are available?

A. We have multiple tiers of funding options that include financing solutions for customers with all types of credit, including nonprime customers with the most severely stressed credit histories.

Q. Is your scorecard primarily beacon score driven?

A. Our custom scorecard system is not powered by beacon scores. The scorecard takes into account a number of factors, but beacon scores do not drive the outcome. Credit analysts work each deal individually to determine its appropriate funding tier.

Q. What is your participation split?

A. The split varies by tier, so please check final approval for actual participation.

Q. Do you have a look/book?

A. Specifics vary from deal to deal, but dealers can monitor their deal history for general trends by logging onto our Dealer Extranet for which your sales representative will supply a login ID and password.

Q. How can I view the status of my deals?

A. Go to dealer.santanderconsumerusa.com and enter your username and password.

Q. How do I get a username and password for the Dealer Extranet?

A. Please contact your Area Sales Manager. They will be able to get you up and running.

Of course, you need to be part of our franchise dealer network, which you can accomplish easily by requesting a visit from a representative who will contact you promptly. As soon as we have confirmed your application process is complete, you can start submitting contracts to us.


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