Make the most of your used-car sales with Santander Auto Finance

It’s no secret that franchised automobile dealers sell about seven used cars for every 10 new cars on average.

And that used cars have been more profitable for those franchised dealers since 2005, long before The Great Recession, based on data from the National Automobile Dealers Association.

What may not be as obvious – but still very important to your dealership’s continuing success – is that Santander Auto Finance can help you maximize your used-car sales.

052215 IL Make the most of your used car sales with Santander Auto Finance

Because we provide funding to hundreds of thousands of nonprime and subprime borrowers – representing significant portion of our multibillion-dollar business – Santander has the experience and proven technology to help you make more deals (and make more on your deals), especially with potential buyers who might be turned down by other lenders.

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Santander Auto Finance makes it easier to provide your customer a wide selection for their next car, funding deals for quality pre-owned vehicles up to nine years old and with up to 120,000 miles. And approvals happen within 30 minutes, funding within 48-72 hours in most instances.

SAF also has no look-to-book requirement, so a dealer can submit all funding applications for consideration without having to maintain a closure percentage.

Dealers who work with Santander can see the difference compared to other lenders, often speaking in terms of relationships, partnerships and, the bottom line, profits.

“We have been able to capture deals that were undeliverable in the past,” said one of many dealers who have spoken about their productive relationships with Santander.

“As long as your customer is able to provide a down payment or trade-in and meet minimum requirements, you will be able to put them on the road,” the dealer said. “It gives you a chance to assist people that you were unable to help before – the high-risk customer that you would turn away you can keep in your dealership to increase your profits.”

Here’s what the finance director of another dealership had to say about working with us:

“Santander has been a great financing partner of our dealership for quite some time now. We would not be able to sell as many cars as we do without their unique brand of auto finance. While other lenders give you turndowns, Santander always gives you a way to go.”

In other words, Santander Auto Finance is a not-so-secret ingredient in your formula for success.

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