What do you think about GreenLight Remarketing magazine?

Maybe you’ve seen it at the auction.

Or posted in PDF form here at the Inside Lane dealer blog.

060815 IL What do you think about GreenLight Remarketing magazine (1)That colorful, 12-page quarterly magazine GreenLight Remarketing from Santander Consumer USA Inc. and Royal Media which covers the auction world for the remarketing professional.

Well, now we want to know what you think of it so we can be responsive to your remarketing interests.

Maybe you’ve thought “I like this article” or “I wish it would provide more information about that” or “The magazine would be even more useful if it contained _ (fill in the blank)__”

Take a few moments – really, just a few – to give us your ideas, suggestions or other comments at http://bit.do/Greenlight-survey. As a thank you, the first 50 participants to respond will receive a limited-edition Santander Consumer USA baseball cap just as the season is heating up.

We ask just six multiple-choice questions about:
(1) whether the articles in GreenLight Remarketing are informative and relevant .
(2) the usefulness of the Active Auctions map.
(3) what you think of the length of articles.
(4) Tom Kontos column on wholesale used-vehicle price trends.
(5) if the magazine is easy to find at the auction.
(6) whether you read GreenLight Remarketing regularly, either in hard copy or in the PDF online.

The survey form also provides a space to register you overall opinion of the magazine if you wish.

That’s it. It’ll probably take you less time than it took to read this blog post about the survey.

You can find the magazine at more than 50 auction locations around the country – including ABC (5), ADESA (16), Brashers/Servnet (4), Manheim (21) and some independent auctions.

The second-quarter edition includes articles about electric vehicles beginning to trickle into the auction lanes, how mobile and imaging technology is remaking the repo business, auction experts’ top tips for getting the best auction returns, our Active Auctions map and more.

So let us know what you think and get your limited-edition baseball cap, great to wear to the auction.

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