We’ve made you a list, so check it twice to boost used-car sales (Part 5 of 5)

062915 IL We’ve made you a list, so check it twice to boost your used-car sales (Part 5 of 5)

We know you read the first four parts of our series.

Or went to CarStory to get your own copy of the white paper on which it is based.

But just in case you didn’t, we’ll share a checklist from How to Convert Used Car Shoppers to Buyers that hits the high points of the series (for details, you still will have to go back and read parts 1-4).

The checklist is divided into four parts – pricing, value, attention and merchandising.

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Here’s the checklist from the CarStory white paper and where you can find details in our series:


  • Understand where each vehicle falls in the market and make sure you’re highlighting the points consumers value most (Part 1).
  • Always end prices with a 99 or 999 (Part 3).


  • Never miss an opportunity to highlight “must have” features (Part 2).
  • Always include seller comments and remember to highlight reconditioning details (white paper).
  • Provide consumers as much of the information they need, otherwise they will leave your site or your lot and find it somewhere else (Part 2).


  • Always include the right images, but only nine to 10 at most for your marketplace partners. You should absolutely include all images directly on your website (Part 3).
  • Update your calls to action to include a strong verb-plus-direct-object construction (Part 4).
  • Don’t overwhelm the user with too many CTAs – focus on the ones that will move buyers through the process (Part 4).


  • Focus your merchandising efforts on the [top five] areas that matter most to consumers (Part 1):
  • Vehicle condition
  • Accident history
  • Service history
  • Listing price
  • Value

“Dealers can do a lot to improve the way they communicate to consumers with better information, pricing and merchandising,” says CarStory. “By doing so you will help consumers move through the sales process more efficiently, help your inventory stand apart and, ultimately, drive more sales.”

This checklist and our series should help you get and stay on track.

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