Use our sales force as a resource for sizzling summer sales

Keeping the momentum going to maintain your sizzling summer sales can make you feel like you’re on your own.  You make the phone calls to potential customers, follow up with referrals and meet and greet on the dealership floor.

Drumming up business can seem like a solo performance.

Never fear. The Santander Auto Finance (SAF) Area Sales Manager (ASM) is here.  Your ASM is an unlimited resource for anything and everything you need to know to close more deals with Santander.

SAF’s Todd Gendron, right, at evolution auto.

SAF’s Todd Gendron, right, at evolution auto.

“We’ve trained our ASMs to know every detail of the SAF business,” says Vince Meglio, SVP of Sales at Santander Consumer USA. “If a dealer needs help in making a deal work, our sales team has the knowledge to show dealers what works and what doesn’t, giving them more opportunity to build business.”

Especially when it comes to educating dealers about relatively new programs.

Say, for instance, the SAF full-spectrum financing program.

For years, SAF has been known as the super hero of the subprime space. Now, the program has broadened its reach to the full-spectrum of customers. The ASMs are well versed on showing and training dealers on the best way to take advantage of this new opportunity.

“It’s all about utilizing our full-spectrum program,” says Todd Gendron, Area Sales Manager (ASM) for the Orlando, Florida, area. “We welcome all business with open arms, with aggressive rates as low as three percent with participation and backend.”

The ASM is vital to learning how to put together all of the elements of a good deal. Inventory plays a large part of that puzzle, and talking to your ASM can come in handy.

“As an ASM, one of our top objections we hear from dealers is lack of inventory,” says Ashley Quick, Area Sales Manage for the Atlanta area. Your ASM can also show you the top models in your state.”

Your ASM will also be there to help you when the deal doesn’t go as planned. He or she can help navigate challenges like:

  • Applying negative equity
  • Using co-applicants
  • Thin-file applicants
  • Making more room for backend

You are not alone when it comes to making the most of the summer sales-stice. Call on your ASM for anything you need. You can also visit with any additional questions about our full-spectrum program.

With a little help from the SAF sales team, you can continue to blaze a trail of sales through the end of summer.

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