Try these five ways to give women an outstanding service experience

091415 IL Try these five ways to give women an outstanding service experience

Women are responsible for two-thirds of the vehicles brought in for repair. Dealerships who understand this and seek to deliver the ultimate customer experience will reap the rewards at their service drive.

Offering top-notch car services in this department is critical for retaining women clients, as well as for up-selling a new or leased car to them and their family in the future.

For a great dealership experience, here are five key features of a women-friendly service department:

Hire more women. Only one out of every five employees at auto dealers is a woman. Adding more female service advisors makes many of your female (and male) customers more comfortable to ask questions about repairs.

091415 IL Anne Fleming Inset Graphic (Guest Blogger)Use technology to educate. It is essential to adopt modern technologies, instead of just focusing on communicating a repair verbally, especially with women who may be cynical and not trusting about what repair is being recommended. Use mobile apps, expert illustration content and Web-based tools to explain car repairs visually with real-time photos and videos, so women will understand repair needs in a quick, clear manner.

Comfortable, high-tech lounge area and courtesy vehicles. Women often wait at the dealerships during repair work. To ensure they feel comfortable and make good use of their waiting time, go beyond just having seats and a TV in the waiting area. Make sure the lounge area has comfortable seating, Wi-Fi connectivity, play area for kids, impeccably clean restrooms, and coffee, fruit, water and soda.

More importantly, provide the No. 1 requested concierge item from women: a courtesy vehicle if their car is going to be in overnight. What will that afford your dealership? Loyalty from moms, business women, single women, divorced women, etc. Don’t leave this for the luxury brands to offer. Regardless of what flagship brand you sell, market the convenience and ease that your dealership delivers.

Expand hours. NADA DATA reports most service departments are open 56 hours a week compared to 80 hours on average for a specialty car repair chain store. To deliver top-notch service, consider expanding servicing hours. Research shows that three in 10 households are run by single moms, highlighting how women are juggling work, home and children. Getting to the dealerships three to four times a year is not easy from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. By offering flex hours, you retain more customers.

Listen carefully. Everyone likes to be heard. Put your best listener in the service drive to hear what women say – and, what they don’t say. This department is critical for keeping customers. How will you know when four in 10 women leave your dealership and DON’T return? An unhappy woman will pay the bill, leave your building, and you will never hear from her again. By listening to what women have to say, they feel more empowered and relaxed. They know that once they have communicated their opinion to the service provider, they will be served better.

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