Three ways to advertise more effectively to women car buyers

All customers want the “best” deal possible, and women, who make up more than half of vehicle sales and influence more than 80 percent, are no exception, research shows.

In fact, the research shows seven of 10 women report that price is a big factor in purchasing a vehicle.

While car advertising already is heavily slanted toward price, it makes sense for your dealership to accommodate this powerful market demographic by applying “softer and smarter” factors that can improve the overall messaging effectiveness in traditional TV, radio and print advertising.

091415 IL Anne Fleming Inset Graphic (Guest Blogger)Improved effectiveness increases reach, and provides more advertising dollar value. Let’s take a closer look at three ideas to help your dealership accomplish this:

Ensure your advertising conveys reputation, trust and respect.

Reviews and scores are subtle forms of advertising that are ongoing, persistent and pervasive. They create an evidence-driven reputation. Numbers speak louder than words. Emphasize your dealership’s rankings and how you compare with others in your brand category and geographic area via:

  • Customer Testimonials. Authentic and local testimonials will personalize your advertising and convey a customer-centric approach.
  • Reviews, especially from women. Women are 50 percent more likely than men to read reviews, and prefer reviews written by women, research shows.
  • Statistics on reputation, such as “No. 1 in customer satisfaction,” from reputable sources.
  • Positive words that convey a quality service, such as happy, comfortable, delighted, pleasant.
  • Supportive digital content. Make sure your web site conveys inclusion, with women as an identifiable demographic. Showcase reviews on your home page.

092815 IL Three ways to advertise more effectively to women

Supplement competitive pricing with specifics that speak to women.

Show happy women in your advertising, and include a broad demographic. Photos speak volumes and convey emotions. Remember that, according to our research, 50 percent of car buyers overall are women and [The Wall Street Journal reported] that 53 percent of millennial buyers – about 18 to 34 years old – are women.

Show that your dealership is more than a showroom full of cars.

Be sure your advertising includes showcasing your service center. Mention courtesy vehicles and any other amenities that show the value you place on customer loyalty and an ongoing business relationship. Ensure that your advertising promotes the message “when you buy from us, you receive a good price, PLUS you receive great service.” Describe what that great service is.

Using these ideas can mean a fresh conversation with your creative agency. Let them know what you want to convey as you put them in practice and reach out to women buyers.

A comprehensive advertising program is the best way to start the process of customer engagement. Including and targeting your most powerful buying segment will increase your overall advertising success, provide more value from your budget and drive more dollars to your dealership’s bottom line.

– Anne Fleming is president and CEO of

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