Let your buyer help you piece together puzzling deals

092515 IL The secret to fast funding with SantanderTeamwork makes the dream work.

That has never been more accurate than when describing the relationship between a dealer, his sales rep and his buyer.  The triple alliance is key when it comes to making a deal work.

In the article “Use our sales force as a resource for sizzling summer sales,” we talked about how your Santander Auto Finance area sales manager is an unlimited resource who can guide you in the right direction for closing more deals with Santander.

Your buyer is equally important. Buyers help you connect all of the pieces of your application to the seal the deal and submit to funding. However, if some of those pieces are missing, your buyer doesn’t have a clear picture of how the deal can work best for you or your customer.

Here are a few tips on how to help your buyer piece together the best deals.

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