Something extra: Rehash Tool helps you make timely deals

092515 IL The secret to fast funding with SantanderWe know that credit applications aren’t an exact science. They may require tweaking before they can be approved.  Instead of spending the valuable and short time you have with your customers on the phone with your buyer, why not try the Rehash Tool on the Dealer Extranet.

If you need to update the numbers on your customer’s application or revise the type of vehicle being purchased, there is no better, faster way than the Rehash Tool.

You can plug your new information into the Rehash Tool and receive a new structure in real time.

Even if deal negotiations run late, the Rehash Tool allows you to work deals at any time, day or night.  This gives you the flexibility to close more deals despite the time of day or the time zone you’re in.

Learn more about what the Rehash Tool can bring to the table when working deals with Santander Auto Finance.

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