Dealerships’ pay stub dilemma: It’s the real thing – or is it?

Fake pay stubs that look like the real thing are a big business, and they show up at auto dealerships along with more amateurish efforts, said experts at the F&I Industry Summit held recently in Las Vegas, NV.

“If you don’t believe me, take a look at or whatever,” said Kevin Cunningham, director of custom finance, Hare Chevrolet, Noblesville, Ind., and a panelist at the conference.

102115 IL Dealerships’ pay stub dilemma It’s the real thing – or is it

Customers sometimes resort to fake pay stubs if their income is too low to qualify for a vehicle loan, panelists said. They might not have been on a job long enough to qualify, they might have a job that pays them mostly in cash or tips, or they also might just plain not have a job.

These are instances when professionally made, fake pay documents come into play, the experts said.

A Google search for “fake pay stubs” turned up 370,000 results, including sites like, and many others that promise to produce real-looking pay stubs, no questions asked. offers a single pay stub for $7. A “typical” package of three or more is $19. For $26, customers can buy “unlimited access” to print out all the pay stubs they want.

Why are phony pay stubs and other documentation such big business?

Because auto lenders often want consecutive pay stubs to document employment and income. Lenders also want to verify time on the job, and time in the same residence. The odds of a default increase significantly for customers who change jobs or move around a lot, lenders said.

“Usually people need (the) past four pay stubs, consecutive pay stubs with accurate dates and accumulated amounts over the pay periods,” the site says. The makers of fake pay stubs apparently have caught on to the fact that a common way of getting caught is when the current pay period looks OK but year-to-date figures don’t add up correctly.

There also are many sites like, which provides fake job references.

Their premium package includes a phone number with the appropriate area code and a service that will answer the phone and confirm employment to dealerships and lenders.

“It is our job to answer the phones and respond as YOU see fit!” the web site says.

Lenders and the credit reporting bureaus, backed up by giant databases, do their own checking up on credit applications. “The banks know the bad paystubs,” Cunningham said. “They get caught.”

However, dealerships are the first line of defense.


– Jim Henry, Royal Media


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