Surefire ways to avoid overselling women, losing their business for good

Selling cars to women takes a confident equipped sales person with a high level of communication skills, personal engagement and emotional intelligence (EQ).

Women visit 30 percent more dealerships when shopping for a vehicle and may take a longer time in the shopping funnel than men, so patience is another key aspect to making a sale. Understanding when to stop pitching ideas and pull back is extremely important.

SC-BLOG_50904-8 (Inside Lane Guest Blogger Image)-03Going overboard can be perceived as annoying or assertive and end up being a deal-breaker.


Here are some surefire signs of overselling:

Shopper becomes Distracted – When customers get busy with their phones while having a conversation with their salesperson, this is an indication that Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram are winning. It shows that the potential buyer is losing interest and could leave soon if their interests or needs are not piqued.

Unease in Body Language – Body language, like avoiding eye contact and fidgeting, can be signs that are not hard to miss. These body movements show that customers are tired of listening to the pitch. They may believe their salesperson is trying to assert his/her personal opinion on them regardless of understanding what it is they want. This can cause frustration.

Body language can be hard to miss.

Body language can be hard to miss.

Moving Away From Salesperson – When women shoppers begin to move away, it shows the salesperson might have overdone it. This is the time to stop focusing on techniques and check in by asking them questions on their interest.

Understanding what women buyers want and need is the key to avoiding overselling. Instead of pitching ideas right from the beginning, provide a space for women to express themselves. Ask questions and then ask some more. This is the best way to learn what their car buying needs are. It also provides a great opening to make a connection. Listen first, and then pitch ideas.

One of the main reasons women go to more dealerships is NOT price. Rather, it’s because they want to get their buying experience right. Our research shows that likeability of their salesperson is one of the top factors that help close a deal.

If that initial engagement doesn’t go as well as they want, they will leave your dealership and go elsewhere. The sale and residual revenue will be lost forever.

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