Millennials love their vehicles, after all, ‘Love Index’ shows

Love is a many-splendored thing.

Especially if you’re talking about the love millennials have for their vehicles. That’s right. After hearing for years that millennials just aren’t into cars, along comes Strategic Vision and its Customer Love Index.

“CLI research shows … a staggering difference between millennials and the rest of the industry,” the consulting company said in a press release. “Not only are their scores higher, but millennials are much more likely to be buying mass-market vehicles designed to maximize value.”

Fiat’s 500 Hatchback scored well above average on the “Love Index” at 449.

“Essentially, they love their compact hatchbacks so much that they rate them similarly as owners of luxury convertibles,” said Strategic Vision, which identified overall most-loved vehicles in 28 categories. Millennials beat the average love index score, 470-400, according to Strategic Vision, which characterized “love” as the “holy grail of the customer experience.”

“As new, younger buyers enter any market, they essentially crush hard on their choices, believing that their first love will always be their only,” said Christopher Chaney of Strategic Vision. “Of course, this isn’t new to millennials. Every generation in their youth can remember their first love and the deep emotional impact it had on their lives, and future decisions in life.”

Strategic Vision didn’t identify millennial favorites specifically, but did provide overall results.

“Many of the winners from this year bring something unique and exciting to the table that may not appeal to everyone but is certainly loved by those who buy them,” the company said of the overall list.

Multiple category winners by brand were Chevrolet, three, and BMW, Dodge, Fiat, Ford, GMC, Kia, Mercedes-Benz and Subaru, with two each. Nine other brands won a single category based on Strategic Vision’s study of more than 44,000 owners of new vehicles.

The manufacturer with the lineup of vehicles receiving the highest CLI scores?

Volkswagen Group of America – although Strategic Vision noted that results are based on feedback from people who bought their new vehicle before September 2015, when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency first reported that the company had fudged emissions tests.

“The good news for [Volkswagen] is that they will be working from a position where customers have initially loved their experience,” said Strategic Vision.

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