How to make the most of sales opportunities with women customers

Getting a woman’s perspective on buying from your dealership is useful only if you want to sell more vehicles …

Oh. Right. Almost ALL dealerships want to sell more vehicles.

Anne Fleming of

Anne Fleming of

It’s an important subject because there are more women drivers than men – 105.7 million to 104.3 million, according to a recent University of University of Michigan study cited by – and plenty of evidence that women shop differently than men, says the website.

That’s in an industry in which four out of five employees are men, says

But the numbers are scary only if your dealership is not prepared to work with female customers.

With that in mind, we began publishing on Santander Consumer USA’s Inside Lane blog a guest column by Anne Fleming, president, CEO and “car-buying advocate” of

The end of the year seemed like a good time to pull together those three months’ worth of blog posts in case your dealership wants to include any of these ideas into its New Year’s resolutions:

“Women are becoming extraordinarily important to dealerships’ bottom line,” said Fleming, whose experience includes more than 20 years in brand development and strategic product development. “Dealerships with outdated behaviors and attitudes are losing traction.”

And losing sales traction is about the last thing most vehicle dealerships want to do.

For more on Fleming, see the blog post How a male-dominated business can do a better job selling to women introducing her column to Inside Lane or visit

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