SAF provides the right answer for credit-challenged customers

Dealer principal Clay Cooley of Clay Cooley Auto Group on the importance of working with a lender such as Santander Auto Finance.


If you want to be successful and put big numbers on the board this tax season, you’ll undoubtedly have to face the challenge of a few subprime deals.

I know, I know. Subprime deals aren’t among your favorite to close. But no matter how good business is this time of year, there will always be customers who have a few bruises on their credit report.

Credit Infocenter breaks the numbers down like this. “Good credit” is a score of 700 or higher. The national average credit score hovers around 680.

And reports that nearly a third of Americans have a credit score lower than 601 — the line between bad and fair credit. In short, a lot of people struggle with credit issues, and some of them may need to borrow money for a vehicle.

You’re in luck because no one deals in the subprime space better than Santander Auto Finance (SAF). And during tax season, SAF’s full-spectrum lending program continues to offer some great advantages, like:

• Cash down as low as $0 with a valid trade
• Competitive rates for lower FICO scores
• Approvals with maximum LTV for apps with valid trades
• Competitive backend options
• Dealer participation

In a recent blog, SAF tells how it can also help finance customers with light credit history, or thin files. Any form of credit issues your customers may have, SAF is ready to tackle.

Worried about fees associated with subprime deals? SAF has ways to minimize fees and give you the best deal possible.

Financing customers with perfect credit is easy. SAF is about creating solutions for our dealers and all of their customers, no matter the credit history. Our experienced credit-buyers and area sales managers are trained to help you take the toughest deals and structure them for approvals.

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