Auctions meet ‘highest standards’ to win Santander, Chrysler Capital awards


It’s the word used to describe the 17 winners of this year’s Santander Consumer USA (SC) and Chrysler Capital (CCAP) asset remarketing awards recently in Southlake, TX.

The awards recognize SC and CCAP’s most outstanding auction relationships in 2015.

“The award winners operate with the highest standards in the automotive industry, and each brings something special to the relationship with Santander and Chrysler Capital,” said Brent Huisman, executive vice president of asset remarketing for SC and CCAP.

Ellie Johnson, right, GM of Manheim North Carolina, receives her award from Mitch O’Neil, vice president of asset remarketing.

Kristine White of SC and CCAP named auction manager of the year.

The big winner was Manheim North Carolina, which received a total of five awards, including both auction of the year awards, Southeast Region awards and e-commerce award, while Kristine White, Santander assistant vice president of asset remarketing, Midwest Region, and Chrysler Capital auction manager, was named auction manager of the year at the fifth annual event.

The auction of the year award goes to the best overall operation using key performance indicators such as net retentions, control of expenses, auction operations and more.

Mitch O’Neil with Ben Lange, left, Tammy Swafford and John Swafford of Americas Auto Auction.

Americas Auto Auction won both SC and CCAP auction partner of the year awards, while ADESA Atlanta was named Q4 auction partner. The Q4 award goes to the auction or group that best demonstrates SC’s annual charity campaign through acts of kindness and giving (not just money) during the holiday season.

Other multiple award winners were ADESA Long Island, which was recognized in the Northeast Region by both Santander and Chrysler Capital, and Manheim San Antonio for both Central Regions.

Noel Nixon, GM of ADESA Long Island receives Northeast Region auction award.

Remaining SC winners were: ADESA Phoenix, West Region, and Manheim Louisville, Midwest Region. Other Chrysler Capital award recipients were ADESA Golden Gate, West Region, and Manheim Kansas City, Midwest Region. ABC Detroit-Toledo received the operations award.

ADESA Phoenix was last year’s auction of the year award winner, while ADESA Phoenix, Manheim Louisville and Manheim San Antonio repeated as regional winners.

“Santander and Chrysler Capital are pleased to take this opportunity to highlight these award winners, who set the bar in 2015 and gave everyone something to strive for in 2016,” Huisman said.

Jeff Hoyt, left, GM of ADESA Golden Gate celebrates the CCAP West Region award with Mitch O’Neil and Brent Huisman, executive vice president.

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