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Have you seen our new national rate sheet yet?

If not, this would be a good time to ask for it from your Santander Consumer USA area sales manager, since we recently updated it in a single easy-to-read chart and contact sheet.

On credit scores from prime to subprime, Santander Consumer USA offers competitive market pricing for any application with no look-to-book through our Santander Auto Finance programs (SAF), because we want to make it simple for you to send all your applications through SAF.


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The rate sheet provides the FICO range Santander considers, plus buy rate, discount fee, flat fee, participation and details on buying terms such as maximum term, advance, LTV, PTI and DTI.

Santander finances new or quality pre-owned vehicles nine years old or newer, and financing may range from $5,000 to $75,000 with a monthly applicant income minimum of $1,000.

We’ll finance a vehicle with mileage:

  • Up to 80,000 to a maximum term of 72 months.
  • 80,001 to 90,000 up to 60 months.
  • 90,001 to 100,000 up to 48 months.
  • 100,001 to 110,000 up to 36 months.
  • 110,001 to 120,000 miles up to 24 months.

The new rate sheet also provides Santander Consumer USA contact information – mailing addresses, email addresses, websites – that can help with many of your needs, especially in the areas of funding and servicing, as well as phone numbers and websites for RoadLoans and SGuard.

And checking your funding status is as simple as logging in to our Dealer Extranet at Dealer.SantanderConsumerUSA.com, where you also can find our rehash tool to rework your deals.

Of course, our ASMs are well versed in our SAF program and can answer any questions you have. Look for their contact information, including phone number, fax number and email address on the sheet, whenever you need help working through a deal.

Then, let’s make a deal – or more.

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