The inside story: What dealerships love most about Santander

We think there’s a lot to like about Santander Consumer USA (SC).

But it’s better to hear what high-performing dealers think after they’ve worked with us.

So we conducted an informal survey through our sales team about what dealerships from New York to Texas say concerning the best practices in working with SC.

The clear winner among those dealerships? Our dealer Extranet and rehash tool to rework your deals. Although building relationships with our buyers and area sales managers also was suggested, because “they are a partner in helping us get more deals approved and keeping profits high.”


“What I love the most about Santander is the dealer Extranet, where we can rehash deals, switch vehicles, and work out different structures with and without warrantees,” PEDRO PEREIRA, finance manager at Teddy Nissan in the Bronx, N.Y., told Stephen Rivelli, area sales manager.

“Using the Extranet saves us a lot of time from calling our buyer every single time we need to make changes,” explained Pereira. “It’s truly awesome.”

“There are times where we are not able to rehash a deal on the website because of exceptions,” said the finance manager, “but we can always call a buyer, who always answers very quickly to help us with the deal, so it’s an overall great experience to work with Santander.”

“Utilizing all tools given, especially the Extranet,” BILL WERKEISER of Performance Kia in Moosic, PA, said when asked by ASM Bill Smith about how to work best with SC.

“This tool provides us with the ability to rework deals in order to get the customer the best possible deal. Other banks simply say yes or no – your rehash tool allows us to see where we need to be to make a deal work.  This tool is a big reason Santander gets so much business.”

Using the Extranet and rehash tool also were cited by FREDDIE WATSON, finance manager, and MO DEAN, sales manager, at Honda of Conyers, GA, said Ashley Quick, SC senior area sales manager.

“This group is a high-performing dealer that really sets themselves apart from many other dealers,” ASM Billy Burleson writes of SAM ALBALOULI’s team at Toyota of Dallas. “This team consistently uses our Extranet tool for rehashing and e-contracts for fast funding.”

The rehash tool also was cited as a key factor in succeeding with Santander by FRANK TOLEDO at Sutherlin Nissan, WOODY RADER at Reed Nissan, YANNI BOUASSIS at Toyota of Orlando, and DAVID GOMEZ at Automarket of Florida, according to Nancy Bloom, SC’s regional sales manager in Florida.

If you’ve heard enough and want to test drive the Extranet and rehash tool, go to our dealer website, or ask your area sales manager to show you how it works.

Others from high-performing dealerships who made suggestions on working with SC include:


Elliff Motors (TX)

“Make sure you have all stips up front before sending the deal in to funding to avoid funding delays. Get as many documents as needed for [proof of residence], because even if the customer doesn’t have a traditional POR, funding might make an exception if it’s a clean deal.”


John Miles Chevrolet (GA)

“Clean packages make everyone’s job so much easier. Build a relationship with rep or buyer, but don’t take anything for granted. If $18,000 is approved, don’t send in $18,100.”


Halterman’s Toyota (PA)

“Make sure everything is tight to ensure fast funding. The buyer relationship is key for overall success. They are a partner in helping us get more deals approved and keeping profits high.”

Most of the top-performing dealerships suggested building relationships with the SC buyer and ASM; using all available programs, including RoadLoans, “because this will lead to higher sales” for your dealer, and sending a wide range of credit scores because SC finances deals across the credit spectrum.

“The ASMs are always available and willing to help, and the buyers work to help close deals,” said one dealer. “And Santander gives fast approvals. This is key when trying to work a deal with a customer.”

But you don’t have to take their word for it, contact your area sales manager or our sales department and find your own reasons to work with Santander Consumer USA.

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