An inside look at Santander’s new customer-service center

The opening was grand.

For Santander Consumer USA and for Mesa, AZ, where the lender has set up a new customer-service call center that eventually will employ nearly 1,000 associates.

And now a new video throws open the doors for a look inside the “growing, prosperous” company.

“One of the things about our company that is unique is that we’re not just a Dallas company. We’re not just a Texas company. We have employees in all 50 states,” said CEO Jason Kulas, who, along with other SC officials, took part in the recent grand-opening activities.

What does that mean to you as a dealer who may look to Santander for help with an auto finance deal?

You can be sure that Santander is taking care of your customers when you work with us. That we are working with them to ensure a good experience that reflects well on your dealership.

“Most people every single day are going to solve our customers’ problems. They’re going to help them with their challenges. They’re going to put a smile on their face. Those are the things that really matter,” Kulas told an interviewer amid the bustle of opening events.

Here is the video of the new Mesa center:


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