The power of the Rehash Tool

When you think of the word “rehash,” repeating the same old thing usually comes to mind. When it comes to Santander Consumer USA’s Rehash Tool, it’s the best way to breathe new life into your deals.

Say, for instance, you need to update some information on an application for financing that best meets your customer’s needs. Maybe your customer needs a different vehicle for a smaller monthly car payment, or they didn’t factor in their bonus as a source of additional income.

While our credit buyers are always standing by, ready to help, the Rehash Tool on our Dealer Extranet lets you revise information quickly and easily.

Have an after-hours deal on the table? Don’t worry, the Rehash Tool lets you plug in the new information any time, day or night. The power to close the deal is at your fingertips. Let the Rehash Tool equip you to accomplish your goals.

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