SC Dealer Advocacy group looks for win-win solutions

No one gets it right all the time. That’s especially true in auto finance.

With all of the information and paperwork going back and forth, the number of flawless deals executed is nothing short of a miracle. But every once and a while, something may fall through the cracks.

At Santander Consumer USA (SC), we know that mistakes happen. Our Dealer Advocacy group is central part of making sure that our dealers get the help they need when issues arise.

011717 IL SC dealer advocacy group looks for win-win solutions


The SC Dealer Advocacy team is our dedicated group of in-house liaisons who mediate on behalf our dealers.

SC Dealer Advocacy Manager Lou Americo says his group has one mission – to be a support system for our dealers.

“We’re a collaborative support group for our dealers,” says Americo. “We make it a point to actively research concerns, issues, feedback and deliver a timely resolution to our dealer client.”

Americo explains that the focus is customer service from Day 1.

Dealers are able to contact the Dealer Advocacy group directly, without having to take the extra step of going through their sales rep first.

Once feedback is received from the dealer, a Dealer Advocacy liaison reviews the information. It’s then routed to the proper department to analyze for process, document or system error.

From there, it’s determined where the error or oversight occurred.

SC sales team member Franklin La Rosa says that despite the outcome, dealers appreciate having someone in their corner.

“Dealers continually express their thanks when you reach out to them with solutions, good news or bad, but in a way that resonates a positive, polite and engaging tone,” said La Rosa.

If a problem is found on the SC side of a deal, it’s still considered a win, showing SC problems that need to be fixed to do what’s right for our dealer partners.

“The feedback collected by our group is unfiltered information and allows us to see things from the dealer perspective,” explains Americo. “We can examine it, access whether changes need to be made and accept responsibility and accountability for those changes.”

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