Top five uses of the Dealer Extranet

Easy access to the right information is key when working to put deals together.

No surprise there. But what may surprise you is all the different ways the Santander Consumer USA Dealer Extranet can enhance your deal-making abilities.

Jennifer Carroll, General Sales Manager at Trophy Nissan, Mesquite, TX, an Extranet user.

Jennifer Carroll, General Sales Manager at Trophy Nissan, Mesquite, TX, an Extranet user.

The Extranet is the next best thing to having your buyer on the line. You have real-time access to information and systems that can get things done.  If logging in to the Dealer Extranet is not a part of your regular routine, you could be missing out.

Here are five of the top uses of the Dealer Extranet:

  1. Rehash applications with the Rehash Tool – If you need to update the numbers or revise the type of vehicle being purchased, plug your new info into the Rehash Tool and receive a new structure in real time.
  2. Track deals in Funding – The Extranet will allow you to check the status of your deals in Funding and see if you need any additional documentation to complete your deals.
  3. Upload stips – Speaking of additional documentation, uploading stips is a lot faster and easier with the Dealer Extranet. You bypass the hassle of faxing, and the stips go directly to the funder’s queue.
  4. Print a purchase letter – Get a breakdown of the total funded amount for your deal. The purchase letter shows all applicable fees, participation and discounts.
  5. Access the Dealer Resources section – The resources section is a one-stop area for important documents. Just about any document a dealer needs to do business with SAF can be found on the Extranet.

These are only a few of the benefits of the Dealer Extranet. There are many more ways to optimize your callbacks. Of course, we think the Extranet is great, but don’t take our word for it. Listen to what one dealer had to say about why the Dealer Extranet is such a great tool.

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