Social media changes the game online, but what’s it to you?


It has a lot to do with whether your business is successful.

“Relationship selling has been around for years, but sometimes what’s old can – and should – be made new again,” wrote Mike Esposito at Dealer Solutions magazine.

And today that almost certainly means having a positive social-media footprint.

Would you buy a car from you?

If you’re looking at your dealership from the outside-in to answer that question, as suggested in two previous articles, how you are represented by your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or other social media accounts must be among your success metrics.

033017 IL Time to move on from tax season and plan for May-hem (and summer)In those articles, we pretended to be a general manager of an actual dealership pretending to be a customer and looked at online impact and reputation and how easy our website is to use.


Paying attention to your dealership’s online reputation matters

How easy is your website to use compared to the competition?

We weren’t entirely satisfied with the results as we looked at the websites of our dealership and two of its nearest competitors representing the same brand.

How do our social media efforts stack up?

The competitor that made the best online impression in our previous assessments – website impact and ease of use – came out with the strongest first impression on Facebook with a distinctive, themed cover photo compared to the fairly standard dealership photos used on our page and the other competitor’s.

They also were crushing it on Facebook with an audience three times that of ours and the other competitor’s. And they generated a better review average (some were included on their timeline).

Although timelines of the three dealerships we’ve been comparing were similar, none fared very well against a list of possible content provided by Esposito in Dealer Solutions magazine.

Those content ideas in Dealer Solutions were:

  • Vehicle maintenance tips
  • Travel tips
  • Dealership employee profiles
  • Manufacturer news
  • Safety recommendations
  • Community involvement
  • Customer testimonials
  • Dealership events
  • How-to guides (infotainment use, driving in bad weather, etc.)

The top dealership also had the most active Twitter timeline, but all three leaned heavily on promoting products rather than engaging audiences with vehicle-related content such as that on the list.

Our general manager had seen enough to know he/she had work to do to enhance online presence.

Now that you know the lay of the online landscape, how would you answer the question: Would you buy a car from you? If the answer is no, maybe or I don’t know, you may have some work to do, too.

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