What your dealership’s website needs to deliver to online shoppers

Allow shoppers to get vehicle information they need online.

Allow shoppers to get vehicle information they need online.

You probably think your dealership has a good (even great) website.

And maybe it does.

But results of the Cox Automotive survey of 2,175 consumers who recently bought a vehicle suggest there’s little room for error.

So, if your metrics leave any doubt, it might be time to take another look.

The Cox survey shows that more than half of shoppers visit dealership websites, and just under 50 percent visited the websites of the dealerships where they ultimately purchased or leased their vehicles.

More than half of consumers who visited the website of the dealership from which they ultimately purchased or leased was influenced by that website, according to Cox.

IL-BLOG_70630-11 (The Net Effect Logo)_WordPressSo what should you provide those online shoppers to make the biggest impact?

In addition to the six features described in the last installment of “The Net Effect,” here are recommendations from Ilana Zur of AutoLeadStar to help you look at your website and make sure you are on the right road:

  1. Fill vehicle detail pages with photos and videos, explain features and specs, and provide prices. Make sure everything is synced with your inventory so online shoppers feel like they are actually at your store – and that they find in your showroom “exactly what they saw online.”
  1. Create comparison guides that explain the differences between your similar models, or even between yours and the competition. This is a chance to highlight your cars’ best features.
  1. Provide lists and guides for shoppers just getting started, help them prioritize what they’re looking for and then offer them vehicles you have in stock right now that fit the bill.
  1. Make it easy for shoppers to find a trade-in value so they can figure out their budget. Allowing them to start the finance process online “will score you points.”
  1. Offer how-to videos on anything car shoppers and owners care about – getting the most from a test drive, winter-proofing a car, etc. “These videos don’t have to relate to making a sale at all, but if your dealership is the one that offers this expertise, customers will return.”

“Allow people to get the information they need while getting to know your brand, before committing to anything,” Zur suggests. “Make your dealership website a one-stop for car shoppers and your dealership will do what other dealerships are not.”

The final installment of our series, “The Net Effect,” will get to the bottom line on what improving your website will accomplish and how that could affect your business.

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