Why you need to seal the deal on improving your website

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Not everybody is coming to your website to buy a vehicle – right away.

But if you provide a good online experience when they do visit your site, there’s a chance you will get them back and, perhaps, convert them to a customer later.

“If you can reach all stages of shoppers – not just later stage leads who are ready to buy – you will edge out your competition,” wrote Ilana Zur of AutoLeadStar. “Building relationships with customers early in their process encourages loyalty and builds future sales.”

That may be easier said than done, but previous installments of our series, “The Net Effect,” have provided a lot of guidance on accomplishing your online objectives.

IL-BLOG_70630-11 (The Net Effect Logo)_WordPressThose installments, which you can reach through the following links, covered Why a great website is so important to the success of your dealership, What your prospects are doing online before visiting your dealership, How to make your website stand out to shoppers exploring online landscape, and What your dealership’s website needs to deliver to online shoppers.

Not only should that advice help you reach all stages of shoppers/buyers, but, according to Zur, making those efforts should ensure that you:

Raise engagement for all shoppers. Even late-stage shoppers – or service customers or previous customers – need something from your site. If you provide quality content onsite for all stages of the buying cycle, customers will turn to you again and again.

Build loyalty and establish your dealership as a resource. Why should shoppers turn to someone else when your site offers them everything they need? This is the kind of convenience that creates loyal shoppers who will recommend you to their friends.

Demonstrate values customers care about, such as honesty (offering expertise that demands nothing in return), transparency (helping customers find what they need), accessibility (providing information conveniently) and flexibility (not trying to fit everyone into the same sales box).

“The bottom line? Not every shopper … [is] coming to your dealership website to convert,” writes Zur. Most aren’t. “They’re coming to learn, do research, and decide whether or not to walk into your dealership for their next vehicle. Implement high engagement for more leads and more sales and track this success to optimize your website for every kind of shopper.”

Now, it’s up to you to seal the deal.

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