Another swing for the fences before closing the summer scorebook

Almost time to close the scorebook.

But not before your post-season push and a wrap-up of a Sizzlin’ Summer that hasn’t been, well, quite as sizzlin’ as some hoped it might be after record-setting sales last year.

“The comparison with 2016 … causes 2017 to appear worse than it really is,” wrote analyst Timothy Cain in The Truth about Cars, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a struggle. Through June, total light vehicle sales had slipped 2.1 percent for the first half of the year, and July continued that trend.

IL-BLOG_70404-12 (Sizzlin' Summer III Logo)_300x300And even that level of sales came with a cost for the industry in the form of incentives.

“Auto sales are presently being propped up by average incentives equal to roughly 10 percent of the average transaction price,” wrote Cain. That average transaction price is pegged at around $33,000 by and more than $34,500 by

Of course, this means that dealerships must make the most of the opportunities they get, whether they’re selling new or used vehicles.

Our baseball-themed Sizzlin’ Summer III email series aimed to help:

The First Pitch proposed adding Santander Consumer USA to your team as a “smart roster move.”

Game On showed dealerships how to come out consistent winners with the Dealer Extranet.

Homerun Ball was about hitting deals out of the park more often with the Rehash Tool.

League Leader sent up Direct Mail as a designated hitter to achieve high-average results.

All-Star Team suggested your ASM should be a major player in your sales lineup.

In the Zone featured the new Lead Exchange Program from RoadLoans.

Clutch Hit told how the SC Dealer Advocacy group aims to drive home win-win solutions.

These tools, products, programs and people empower dealers to swing for the fences through the end of summer, the fall and beyond.

We’re (world) serious.

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