How your ASM can help you make more deals with Santander

Santander Consumer USA area and regional sales managers want you to make more money.

It doesn’t take long to see that there are a number of ways they accomplish that, according to some of the company’s top-performing ASMs around the country.

Problem-solving. Demonstrating the Extranet. Explaining products. Building relationships. It’s all part of the job of Santander Consumer USA’s well-trained, knowledgeable ASMs and RSMs, and it’s all aimed at helping dealerships accomplish their business goals.


“My overall objective is to seek and build strong relationships with all personnel streams within the dealership – sales, finance, accounting and service departments,” said BILLY BURLESON, ASM in North Texas. “This allows me to have multiple contact points, so if any critical issues arise that need special attention I can navigate through these streams to solve the problem.”

“I work diligently to keep the doors of communication open so dealers understand they have a partner they can trust that will be there when they are in need,” added Burleson.

Invaluable partners

“My overall goal is to make doing business with Santander easy, efficient and profitable,” explained ASHLEY QUICK, Senior ASM in East Atlanta, GA, who also cited spending as much time in the management “tower” as possible. “I want to help my dealers sell more cars and make more money.”

And it’s not just the field sales team that takes this approach.

“My mission is to help my area managers’ and inside sales managers’ dealers grow their businesses,” commented YOLANDA AVALOS, a Santander Consumer USA regional sales manager of inside sales. “I want those dealers to see my ASMs and ISMs as an invaluable partners in their dealerships that is a value add, not just another rep.”

Your area and regional sales managers are dynamic resources in putting deals together with Santander.

Boosting results

You also can boost numbers and build business with help from your ASM on things like:

  • Educating your team on any new programs or products offered by Santander.
  • Advising you on current inventory that holds auction value and equates to strong deals.
  • Showing you how to structure the best deals using our Dealer Extranet and Rehash Tool.
  • Answering any questions you have about the SAF platform.

“My goal with all my dealerships is to educate them on all aspects of Santander program and provide as much value to their bottom line as possible,” said DAMIAN CANTU, an ASM in Santander’s South Texas region.  “I also like to provide assistance during those instances when a dealer of mine needs help and is having a tough time finding closure with an issue.”

Something extra

“One of our greatest assets is our dealer Extranet, especially for high-volume dealers,” said STEPHEN RIVELLI, an ASM in the Bronx, NY. “The ease of use and the multi-functionality of it, from rehashing an application to funding, allows my dealers a fast, user-friendly experience from application to funded. I stress the importance and use of the Extranet with all my dealers … [and] they usually see the light.”

“Helping them use the Extranet is crucial to a dealer’s success,” added Quick in East Atlanta.

Building value

“I try to build value with my dealers on every visit,” said BILL SMITH, the ASM in Allentown, PA. “Some of the tactics I implement are showing dealers recent approvals. This shows dealers in black and white exactly what we are doing from a credit standpoint.  The more value we build and the dealer see from Santander, the deeper our business relationship will grow.”

“I look for ways to help my ASMs and the dealerships in Florida continue to grow in their success and partnership with SC,” said NANCY BLOOM, regional sales manager.

“My team and I look for ways to increase applications and contracts, to improve portfolio performance and to be up front with the dealerships, who need to see Santander as a top lender with leading technology and a strong focus on customer service.”

Obviously, Santander’s sales managers know the ropes when it comes to closing deals, so don’t be afraid to use them as a resource to help you reach your goals.

They can make a big difference.

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