Putting the power of the Extranet to work for your dealership

Dealer Extranet.

They are two of the most powerful words in making deals with Santander Consumer USA (SC).

From the Rehash Tool, which provides the quickest possible turnaround time on new deal structures, to a customized dashboard that offers daily stats, notifications and reports on your deals with SC, the Dealer Extranet is a competitive tool that should be part of your everyday routine.

IL-BLOG_70918-1 (092617 IL Putting the power of the Extranet to work for your dealership)_Logo_300x300 (1)Those aren’t the only reasons, though, as our fall dealer email series, Tools to Power Sales, will show, starting in October with two of our tips for using the Extranet to your dealership’s advantage. More tips will follow via email, along with other topics that can affect your store’s results.

“One of our greatest assets is our Dealer Extranet, especially for high-volume dealers,” said Stephen Rivelli, an area sales manager in New York.

“The ease of use and the multi-functionality of it, from rehashing an application to funding, allows my dealers a fast, user-friendly experience from application to funded. I stress the importance and use of the Extranet with all my dealers … [and] they usually see the light.”

In fact, thousands of dealership sales associates already have recognized the value of the Extranet and use it to maximize their results with SC and to manage their businesses better.

So you don’t have to wait for the upcoming emails to get started on the SC Dealer Extranet.

You can make the site an integral part of your dealership’s routine by asking your ASM or an inside sales manager (ISM) to set up a new user login – or logins for multiple users at your store. Your ASM/ISM also can help you discover the many features the Extranet provides your activated account.

Your ASM/ISM also is available to answer any questions that might arise or to reset your password.

When you’re set up on the Dealer Extranet, you can log in here and use it whenever you want. And put the power of the Dealer Extranet in your competitive arsenal.

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