Why your dealership must connect online with sales prospects

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There’s no such thing as net neutrality when it involves reaching prospective customers.

And there is little margin for error.

You need to be on point whether prospects are coming to your website to shop for a specific vehicle or simply to get an idea of whether you can meet their needs when they are ready to buy.

A recent survey by Cox Automotive shows that more than half of vehicle shoppers visit dealership websites, and around half visit the websites of the dealerships where they ultimately purchase or lease. More than half of shoppers who visited the dealership website where they ultimately purchased a vehicle were influenced by the website, the survey showed.

IL-BLOG_70630-11 (The Net Effect Logo)_WordPressConsidering that data, there’s never a bad time to get your website locked down. Our five-part series, “The Net Effect,” should help point you in the right direction.

Here are links to the entire series:

Part 1

Why a great website is so important to the success of your dealership

The average car buyer spends nearly 15 hours shopping for a vehicle – a little less for new-car buyers, a little more for used-car buyers. And most of that time – about nine hours – is spent online, according to Cox Automotive. In other words, your ability to make a sale may hinge on how much of that time you capture online and the shopper’s experience when they get to your website.

Part 2

What your prospects are doing online before visiting your dealership

Americans want to car shop online. And that creates opportunities for dealerships to deliver online benefits that influence consumers’ decisions about where to purchase their new or used car, truck or SUV. But you can’t take advantage of the opportunity unless you know what your prospects are doing online. And then act on that knowledge to satisfy their needs.

Part 3

How to make your website stand out to shoppers exploring online landscape

Is your dealership’s website fit to be tried by online shoppers? If your website provides five basic shopper/buyer activities, you may be ready to take it to the next level – if you haven’t already. So don’t stop short and expect your website to stand out to shoppers exploring the online landscape.

Part 4

What your dealership’s website needs to deliver to online shoppers

You probably think your dealership has a good (even great) website. And maybe it does. But results of a Cox Automotive survey of 2,175 consumers who recently bought a vehicle suggest there’s little room for error. So, if your metrics leave any doubt, it might be time to take another look.

Part 5

Why you need to seal the deal on improving your website

Not everybody is coming to your website to buy a vehicle – right away. But if you provide a good online experience when they do visit your site, there’s a chance you will get them back and, perhaps, convert them to a customer later. “Building relationships with customers early in their process encourages loyalty and builds future sales,” suggests one report.

Most shoppers are coming to your website to learn, do research, and decide whether to visit your dealership for their next vehicle.

You don’t want them to leave feeling neutral about your store.

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