Hiring for keeps: A four-part survival guide for 2018 and beyond

It’s never a bad time to get better at hiring great people for your business.

Sales associates, service technicians, back-office staff, other team members, it doesn’t matter. Getting better at hiring great people for your business probably will reduce your costs and boost your results.

“It’s no secret that employee turnover rate for certain positions in the auto industry is high,” David Druzynski, director of human resources at Auto/Mate Dealership Systems, wrote recently in Dealer Solutions Magazine. “Auto dealers keep making the same hiring mistakes over and over.”

But avoiding those all-too-frequent mistakes is exactly what our series, “Hiring for Keeps,” is about. And not missing out on “one of the biggest sources of operational opportunity” in your business.

Here is a quick guide to the four-part series:

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Calculating the cost to your dealership of high employee turnover

Employee turnover is a burden, costing the average dealership more than $1.5 million a year in replacement costs alone. That doesn’t count the dollars associated with leads (or customers) burned by inexperienced employees. And the biggest hit comes with your sales team.

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Don’t rush to judgment when you’re hiring for keeps

Nine of your dealership’s sales consultants quit in the last year. Not only does that mean your dealership will spend more money than you would like on hiring, onboarding and training, but it creates continual pressure to find consultants so your team isn’t left shorthanded, costing you sales opportunities. And your hiring process may be exactly where the trouble starts.

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Swim, don’t sink: Best practices for onboarding new hires at your dealership

Does your dealership have the right stuff to onboard new hires successfully? It’s not as simple as just assigning your new hire a desk and starting with administrative paperwork. The idea is to get that new hire up and running – and producing – for your business. And that may mean doing things differently than many dealerships are accustomed to operating.

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Our new hire is on board, now what? Four keys to an engaged employee

There’s more to onboarding a new hire at your dealership than what happens between the hire date and start date. The onboarding process should engage employees early on and keep them interested in staying for the long haul and driving your dealership’s growth.

Two of three dealerships don’t give themselves much of a chance to find – and keep – great people, according to a study from Cox Automotive.

Hiring for keeps means getting better at both and reaping the benefits for your business.

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